October 28, 2019

🎶  “You down with NLP (Yeah you know me) 

Who’s down with NLP (Every last homie)

You down with NLP (Yeah you know me) 

Who’s down with NLP (All the homies)” 🎶 


Every time I hear NLP, O.P.P by Naughty by Nature pops into my head 🙈 NLP has a bit more depth to it than a 90’s hip-hop beat! 


NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming


NEURO – Mind || Processing experiences via five senses; Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory & Gustatory.


LINGUISTIC – Communication || Verbal & Non-verbal Communication codes, neutral representation and assigns meaning via images, sounds, emotions, tastes, smells, words & self talk.


PROGRAMMING –  Discovery of programs within neurological systems that enables us to achieve specific desired outcomes. 


NLP enables individuals to understand, analyse and utilise the language of the mind to achieve goals and objectives. NLP has many techniques. One of the more popular techniques is Verbal & Non-Verbal Anchoring. This technique allows the client to tap into certain emotional states. Pain vs. Pleasure is another technique used when a client is more willing to avoid pain before they try and experience pleasure.


The NLP model emphasises 5x success principles


  1. Define your outcome.
  2. Take decisive action.
  3. Develop sensory acuity to identify what is effective and ineffective.
  4. Develop the behavioural flexibility to make adjustments where necessary.
  5. Operate from both a physiology and psychology of excellence.


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