About Us


"S E A S" a combination of my love for the Ocean (Salt), Crystals (Earth) with Heart Centred and Soulful Service (Soul). 

SEAS will educate and empower those on their journey via quality resources and heart centred service. Using various techniques, General Coaching, NLP, Conscious Hypnosis, Mindfulness and journaling as well as offering an abundance of Energetic Attunements including Reiki I, II & Masters. Children's Reiki I, Children's Chakra & Mindfulness Workshops. 

If you wish to learn more about Missa’s Journey, please refer to our blog posts!


12 Step Coaching Blueprint

Salt Earth & Soul has a Personal Coaching Program (PCP) designed improve all aspects of your Wheel of Life (WOL), The Wheel of Life looks at eight key areas in your life measuring them from Zero to Ten (10 being 100% satisfied in that area). This tool allows you to step back, and look at the bigger picture as a whole. When you identify the areas that need a little work, you can then proceed to make improvements using the PCP to guide you along the way.

The 12 step PCP includes Wheel of Life, Grow Model, Values & Rules, Defining Moments, Empowering your Self Talk, What’s Driving You, Creating better experiences and Celebrating Success to name a few. All PCP sessions are aimed at improving the WOL section you are seeking to make the desired change within. 

Here's How We Help You

Salt Earth & Soul will assist you with any issues you may have, including but not limited to;


Lack of Confidence

Spiritual Development



Lack of Motivation

Decision Making


Lack of Direction

Limiting Beliefs


Negative Emotions

Unwanted Habits

Interpersonal Conflict


Putting Things Off


Stress Management

Time Management

Relationship Problems

Poor Spelling

Internal Conflict





Life Purpose

Negative Associations


Congratulations on taking the first step by stopping by today! Use this moment to stop saying “No” to embracing your gifts, and instead say “Yes” to feeling empowered and connecting to your best self.

  • Do you struggle to speak your truth or tend to sit in the background hoping no one will notice you?
  • Do you feel like you will never be able to master “self-love”?
  • Self-love still feels unattainable regardless of the many books you read and inspirational quotes you’ve recited?

I can help you embrace and reconnect with your authentic self. We will re-write YOUR story. All of your dreams and goals start with healthy and strong self-esteem! If you wish to work with me using various coaching techniques and energetic healing come say Hi and we can discuss the different kinds of support I offer. These sessions are ideal for anyone who has decided they want to change their lives for the better, is currently facing challenging decisions, and wishes to rebalance and refocus their energy.

Offering 1:1 sessions or Group support, with encouragement and the individual sessions tailored to your personal needs. I will support you making a difference by:

  • Improving your personal relationships, starting with yourself.
  • Getting clear and focused on your goals.
  • Supporting you through making difficult decisions.
  • Building confidence and strength.
  • Empowering you to take the reigns.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.