About Us


“S E A S” a combination of my love for the Ocean (Salt), Crystals (Earth), jumping in to the unknown, moving outside our comfort zones, healing, expanding our awareness,   and doing THE WORK, allowing our spirit to grow. (Soul). 

Missa is an Energy & Spiritual Development Coach, Aura Reader, Reiki Master and Transpersonal Crystal Healer.

Detailed personal history

Your past experiences made you who YOU are today.

Detailed personal history is necessary as it will clear ‘stuff’ in the process as well as allowing us to see where you’re at right now, so we can transition to where you want to be.

Aura Photography 

Aura Photography and Energetic Check ins.

Through the Chakra Reporting System and Aura Photography we can track your energy levels, create a visual diary of your Auric Fields and identify the best energetic healing practices for your field based on its reaction to the healing styles. 

fears and beliefs

We fear what we don’t know or understand.

 Fear based thinking enables limiting beliefs.

Through mindset practices and energetic healing we can clear the fear based mindset and have you manifesting the life you desire. 


Are you holding on to a grudge that is not serving you?


Release yourself from the low vibrational energy and the link to the person(s) in question.

Give yourself permission to leave the past in the past. Ho’oponopono Hypnosis is a gentle practice that will facilitate the healing and release. 

Positive Change

Is there something holding you back that you can’t move past?

Limiting beliefs? Perhaps it is something you aren’t sure how to make change in?

Inception is an incredible process that will assist you in making those positive changes shifting thought patterns and facilitating supportive thought patterns. These will allow you to achieve what you once thought impossible. 

value elicitation

What are your values? When you think about what drives you, can you identify your personal invisible set of rules?

When our values are blurred it often results in loss of motivation or lack of direction. When we align them we begin to meet those goals and have a crystal clear vision of where we are headed and what we are doing.