Aura Photography


Salt Earth & Soul invites you to see your Aura. An exploration of your Auric field allowing you to appreciate the physical representation of your astral body through colour portrait. 

#SEASYourAura is a fun and insightful way to understand your auric states, expanding your awareness (you are more than your physical body) thus empowering you to take charge of your energy. Once you have experienced the metaphysical becoming visible you will take on new habits and begin to make positive change ensuring your Auric field is vibrant, strong and protected.

Moods, emotions and life experiences consistently change, as a result your Auric Field not only changes it reflects this energy. The transitions in life impact on your energetic self as much as external influences… those you un/intentionally allow into your fields, the content you consume, even the food you eat. 

Experiencing #SEASYourAura you are connecting visually to Universal and Inter-dimensional frequencies similar to those you experience working with divination tools and energetic healing.

SEAS Your Colour


Etheric Layer | Root Chakra

Vital energy, Manifestation, Passionate, Focused, Grounded, Active, Strong Will Power, Driven, Ambitious, Competitive, Fearless, Enjoy indulgence, Unapologetic about manifesting what they want into reality, as they enjoy the process and the good things life has to offer. Reds are Self-aware hard working leaders. The reds are good at their job as they are also the doers.



Heart Chakra

Unconditional love, Kindness, Empathy, Gentle, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Open heart, Grateful, Romantic, In-flow, Peace maker, Tolerant, Feminine energy, Healers, Pink auras are self aware, take self love and care seriously, natural givers so they need to be with someone who will meet their love language and appreciate their giving nature. 


Celestial Layer | Third Eye

Mystical, Enchanted, Magic, Faith, Deep feeling, Intuitive, Imagination, Soul Journey, Third Eye, Clear Seeing, Transformation, Violet auras are open minded and innovative, violets see the bigger picture and care for all life forms, they value solitude, however need lots of grounding as their heads are often in the clouds. 


Emotional Layer | Sacral Chakra

Creative, Sensual, Expressive, Happy, Creative, Confident, Strong Motivation, Hold the urge to achieve and succeed. The orange values friendships and interacting with others, The are attractive, dynamic, charming and they  make friends easily, They are flexible, even though there is an emotional balance they are also thrill-seekers.


Astral Layer | Heart Chakra

Growth, Healing, Teacher, Change, Balance, Self Esteem, Inner Strength, Nurturing themselves and others, Higher Awareness, Loving, In harmony, Attracting abundance, Open Heart, Drawn to nature and animals. Greens are natural born self-healers, in the world full of distractions they easily balance their attention between goals and their loved ones.


Crown Chakra

Aware of truth, can see deception easily, Aren’t caught up in drama as they know there is something bigger than them, Internal compass more action from a feeling than logic, Psychic senses are natural to them, Lucid dreamers, Visionary, Unlimited knowledge, Intuitive, Higher perspective, Indigo auras tend to live in the moment.


Mental Layer | Solar Plexus

Happy, Original, Flexible, Playful, Intelligent, Lead a positive life, Ideas flow with ease. The yellow are mindful, hold themselves with confidence. Yellows are social, curious, fun, and love a good Conversation. Yellows are optimistic, they think logically, also have a natural talent for performing., The yellow aura is no stranger to stepping into their personal power, they will often inspire others with their high energy. 


Etheric Template | Throat Chakra

Communication, Spirituality, Patience, Grace, Discernment, Contentment, Centeredness, Clarity, Loyal, Calm, Wise, Family and Community minded, Authority figure, Blue auras are here to serve and bring others in alignment with their life path, they work with their internal compass more than hard data, need a peaceful environment especially for that inner connection.


Kethetic Template | Crown Chakra

Expansion, Oneness, White Auras are extremely rare they have in a sense cleared the physical issues that come with the Human experience, these souls are usually here on a mission for change, Motivated by purity and truth, They are sensitive in a sense that they are strongly connected to source energies, Spiritual motivation, Spiritual channel, Connected to source – god – ancestors – guides.