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Life Coaching

October 28, 2019

WTF Is Life Coaching? 

What does a coach even do? Is that even a job? It sure is and I’m here to explain the basics to you. Let’s start off with the history of Life Coaching. 

In the late 1980’s Life Coaching begun in America, it seemed to bridge the gap between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The relationship between the coach and client, coach was to listen not lead. Very different to how we practice now days, it is common for a coach to ask leading questions and provide insight. 


What Life Coaching Is:

  • A method of assisted self-exploration that helps determine the clients current situation, their intentions, aspirations and the means to meet their objectives.
  • A partnership between coach and client.
  • An exploration of the map individuals create for their life. It examines the significance given to various events in their lives as well as how this affects the quality of their lives.
  • A process to create solutions resulting in sustained change.


What Life Coaching Is Not:

  • Therapy / Counselling
  • Observing and learning from a seasoned professional (Mentoring)
  • A quick fix
  • Coach telling the client what to do


Coaching is 100% confidential and a judgement free zone creating a safe space for the client to explore freely. 


Coaching covers a variety of specialties including:

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Teen & Group Coaching 


The objective of Life Coaching is to assist clients in achieving their aspirations. Coaching enables the client to refine their learning methods, boost performance, and increase quality of life. This a client directed practice, with the client determining the focus of each session. Ideally the client will identify their current situation, and understand how to take action, however if there is a situation beyond the coaches skill set (medical, financial) referral will be provided or emergency services will be called upon. 

Coaching uses many techniques including NLP and Hypnosis. The most important characteristic of a coach? Curiosity! Yep that’s it, perpetual discovery. To be constantly and consistently asking questions, wondering why things are a certain way, challenging established assumptions and thought patterns, and moving out of comfort zones. 

If that sounds like something you are interested in, you can book in with me for a free intro session and try it out for yourself!


October 28, 2019

🎶  “You down with NLP (Yeah you know me) 

Who’s down with NLP (Every last homie)

You down with NLP (Yeah you know me) 

Who’s down with NLP (All the homies)” 🎶 


Every time I hear NLP, O.P.P by Naughty by Nature pops into my head 🙈 NLP has a bit more depth to it than a 90’s hip-hop beat! 


NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming


NEURO – Mind || Processing experiences via five senses; Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory & Gustatory.


LINGUISTIC – Communication || Verbal & Non-verbal Communication codes, neutral representation and assigns meaning via images, sounds, emotions, tastes, smells, words & self talk.


PROGRAMMING –  Discovery of programs within neurological systems that enables us to achieve specific desired outcomes. 


NLP enables individuals to understand, analyse and utilise the language of the mind to achieve goals and objectives. NLP has many techniques. One of the more popular techniques is Verbal & Non-Verbal Anchoring. This technique allows the client to tap into certain emotional states. Pain vs. Pleasure is another technique used when a client is more willing to avoid pain before they try and experience pleasure.


The NLP model emphasises 5x success principles


  1. Define your outcome.
  2. Take decisive action.
  3. Develop sensory acuity to identify what is effective and ineffective.
  4. Develop the behavioural flexibility to make adjustments where necessary.
  5. Operate from both a physiology and psychology of excellence.

Conscious Hypnosis

September 20, 2019

“You are getting sleepy, you are getting sleepy and when you wake up you are going to bark like a dog every time you hear the word peaches” 

When I discuss my Master Practitioner training via The Life Coaching College a few people have metaphorically had kittens when I mention Conscious Hypnosis. All though most are curious and open to it, that few with a strong response were behaving as if I am going to use some kind of superpower to exploit them in a vulnerable position. 

“I Missa Williams vow to use my training for the growth of my peers, family and client base.”

Conscious Hypnosis, a coaching tool? Many years  before I joined TLCC I had assumed Conscious Hypnosis was another modality in the medical profession. This is due to the incredible results people all over the world have had with weight loss and becoming a non-smoker.

Hypnosis, what is it, more importantly how does it work? 

Hypnosis, used in therapy to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour. Examples of modifying behaviour would be weight loss, releasing habits and in the paediatric space is can be used for ailments such as bed-wetting. Hypnosis is also known for phobia busting. 

It works by altering the state of consciousness in a way that the analytical Left Hand Side of the brain is “turned off” allowing the Right Hand Side to be more alert. Once the RHS is more receptive, the unconscious mind will respond to the specialist techniques performed by the hypnotists.

There are a fair few common misconceptions surrounding hypnosis… before we move any further let us dispel a couple of the big myths! 

  1. Your morals and ethics remain intact. During your Conscious Hypnosis Sessions, exploitation is not something that is possible as with any situation where you have an opportunity to create change you can either accept or reject suggestions.
  2. You do not actually fall asleep! You will however be very relaxed during your session.
  3. This one is accurate, not everyone can be hypnotised… Look I know, How very unfortunate for the small percentage of people who cannot experience this wonderful technique!

The reason practitioners use Hypnosis is so they can align your unconscious and conscious thinking which in-turn eliminates internal and mental conflicts, which are at the core of undesired behaviours. 

Salt Earth & Soul can customise the Conscious Hypnosis scripts to suit your needs, head on over to our contact page for your obligation free quote today.