Missa Williams

Personal Development Coach I Reiki Master 

“Growth is uncomfortable however it is a necessary part of the process. The more we own our shit, work on it every-single-day the sooner we will be aligned with our authentic selves and living the life we always dreamed of. Tools such as energetic healing and life coaching techniques compliment this process.”

– Missa Williams

Life Coach will assist you…

Increase emotional intelligence, understand why the client and others behave a certain way. Changing the focus in order to reach goals. Identify blocks and clear limiting beliefs in order to achieve amazing results!

The Coach/Client Relationship will …

Identify, clarify and create the vision for what the client wants to achieve on their journey. Build a trusting relationship, in a safe, non-judgemental zone as the coach gently encourages client self discovery using the powerful coaching techniques. 

Coaching is Not Counselling…

Coaching assists clients reach higher levels of satisfaction in life. It is a goal oriented solution focused practice works best with those who have the clear intention to make positive change. 

Counselling is focussed on closure from a past event, the main clients have extreme mental trauma with the intent behind the sessions to transition from dysfunction to function.


1. Can we complete sessions over the phone?

Yes! Depends on the work we are doing, some techniques require face to face interaction.


2. Is there a selection process for coaching clients?

Coaching is a journey we are both committed to, with that in mind I need to make sure we are a good fit to work together. This is equally as important for your development, you need to be comfortable with me as your Coach in order to push those boundaries, be honest and open with yourself and make those breakthroughs. Before signing anyone up, where possible I will meet face to face and complete an intro session so you get a feel for myself and the coaching style.

3. Can I reschedule my appointments (Healing / Coaching)?

Healing Sessions & Circle events there is a maximum of three reschedules before the deposit is forfeit. Coaching as per client requirements will be outlined in agreements. Hypnosis we strongly suggest sticking to the 4 week program for best results.


4. Do you offer distance and face-to-face healings and readings?

Yes, upon request the face to face healings and readings are scheduled.

5. Do I need to attend for Energetic Attunements?

I offer energetic attunements with Women’s Circles these you will be required to attend, however if it is a specific attunement this can be completed distantly. 

6. Where can I find your events and workshops?

Events and workshops are listed on our website, and social media pages.


7. Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are available upon request. Once payment plan is completed we will schedule your session or ship your purchase, as we are a service based business unfortunately we are not able to offer Zippay, Zipmoney & Afterpay.