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Sacred Circles

Connection, Personal growth, Safe Space, Like minded souls, leaving with a sense of peace, and feeling heard. 

Energy Attunements

Discover our range of energetic attunements, sent via chi-ball to support your energetic needs. 

Crystal Adoption

SEAS Gallery specialising in Crystals to cleanse and protect your aura and home, crystals you wear, and exquisite and rare Herkimer Diamonds, Enhydro, Record Keepers and Time Link specimens for your personal collection.

Here’s What Our Customers Had To Say…

I have been working with Missa for over 12 months now and to say it has been life changing is an understatement. She has helped me move from feeling stuck to feeling motivated and in control of me and my life. Missa has used her coaching and hypnosis skills during our time together and she just has such a calming aura about her that any discomfort disappears with her presence. I would absolutely recommend Missa to anyone wanting assistance and accountability.

Thank you Missa 

Kristy - Perth, WA

Counsellor & Program Facilitator

I had a breakthrough coaching day with Missa from Salt Earth & Soul  Coaching, what an amazing day with incredible breakthroughs. Missa bought to my awareness, what I thought was a seemingly insignificant time in my life by utilising a Neuro Linguistic Programming technique. This technique shifted me forward from a stuck state & has been a resource ever since. This was just one of the many changes that came about on the day. I loved the idea of having a breakthrough day instead of shorter sessions spread over time. 

Jacqueline - Perth, WA

Transformational Coach