Livin’ The Dream

October 28, 2019

Wednesday 28th May 2018

Today one of our colleagues went around asking everyone if they want to chip-in $5 for the lotto. I said no, and before they had a chance to respond I did say I am aware that if you win I am the only one who will still be working here..  Then that same colleague said they were covering my share so that I am in the draw. I was literally the only person who declined (thank you).

This got me thinking … What would you do if you won?


Statistically speaking the chances of winning Perth’s number one lotto game Saturday lotto is a 1 in 8,145,060. The Oz Lotto is even higher with a 1 in 45,379,620 chance.

SAY YOU DID WIN.. Just stay with me here, like what if you were that ONE in 45,379,620?

I have asked this question to my colleagues and fam-bam. I received mixed responses…

  • Buy a food truck and an RV to pull it around so that I can travel with it.
  • Travel the world seeking out the top comics to add to the collection. Especially attending the American Comic Conventions.
  • Island Hopping, Scuba-diving, and LOTS of travel.
  • Flying to New Zealand.
  • Buy a van, Convert it and travel around Aust.
  • Travel, lots of travel.
  • Still working where I am but taking lots of holidays!
  • I’d have a sick veggie patch!
  • Buy a HUGE block of land and make a world class race track!
  • Staying in my job but doing it all over the world!
  • Change to 2:2 at work, Pay off the house, buy a big boat. On break grab the kids and go on holiday. 

These are all attainable, some with planning, definitely an open mind and heart. The thing they don’t realise is they have 86400 seconds in the day, granted 27000 of those seconds is at work. ALL of them have 30 years AT LEAST ahead of them to make this happen.

What is your next move?


October 28, 2019


Earlier this year I caught up with a girlfriend (Nell) who gifted me the most AMAZING book. Both of us are working toward full time coaching and with that we are all about personal development and continual growth. This gift was just what I needed. It got me thinking perhaps the community needs it too? 

I was in the middle of writing my Dreams list, that’s when I decided to share with you this amazing resource.

Before we get into it. I’m putting it out there, I’m NOT a fan of the hype “New Year, New Me” BULLSHIT! Farrrrk NO! Every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY is a chance to start fresh, work towards a goal, seek help, MAKE THE CHANGE.

If you’re serious about making change or reaching a goal you WILL make the time, not wait for the end of the year, or Monday or next month or when the cows come home. 

Now that’s out the way, let’s get started. 

You need a pen and some paper..  GO!

Ok now you have that pen and paper I need you to set aside 15-30 mins uninterrupted.

Do you have 15 mins right now? 

Action Item: Write down all of your dreams, big and small along with all the things in between. This list will change as you spend more time looking at it. There will be items you remove, others will inspire you and result in you adding more to the list! This is all part of the process, don’t resist. Allow your imagination to run wild! 

Once that is done, we are going to my favourite prompting question.


Sit on this one for as long as you need, mull it over. Feel it, Taste it, What is it? How do you feel, are there any specific emotions you’re feeling? What are you seeing?

If you’re feeling confused or unsure of what you want, this too is totally normal! This just means it’s time for you to experience new things so you can get an idea of what you want. 

MISSA’S DREAMS (extract from the list) 

  • As a Reiki Master attune 500+ people to the healing energy. 
  • Teach my kids + nieces how to self heal. (2 of 3 kids + 1 of 2 nieces are now attuned to Reiki)
  • See Elephants, Polar Bears and Lions in their natural habitat. 
  • Retire off-Grid in Jurien Bay or NZ. 
  • Travel the world with my family and dig up crystals for my personal collection. 

If you’re coming up with blocks and restrictions, journal it out. This is your ego coming into play. Your first line of defence against anything that isn’t “safe”.

The world IS yours. Clear those lack thoughts! 

If you’re unable to clear that energy try using the following tools: 

  • Nag Champa (burn) 
  • Sage or Rosemary (burn) 
  • Apply Clary Sage to your third eye (Oil of Clarity and Vision) 
  • Apply Franki to your Crown (Oil of Truth) 
  • Inhale Wild Orange (Oil of Abundance) 
  • Diffuse Spikenard (Oil of Gratitude) 
  • Diffuse Ginger (Oil of Empowerment) 
  • Diffuse Litsea (Oil of Manifestation) 
  • Meditate or Brush with Selenite (Aura Cleanse) 
  • Carry with you and meditate with Rose Qtz (Opens Heart Chakra) 

NEXT.. ok grab that pen and paper again! 

Who inspires you? Is there someone who has been where you are now? Is it a social media account? An author? Perhaps there is someone who holds traits you wish to embrace in order to reach one of your dreams? Who are these people you want to meet? 

Write a list of ALL of the people you want to meet. No matter how unlikely it seems, write their name down. There are no limits!


  • Pink • Richard Branson • Steph Gilmore • Mick Fanning • Drew Barrymore • Beyoncé • Tony Robbins • Rebecca Campbell • Brene Brown • Oprah • J K Rowling • Julia Gillard • Jodi Picoult • David Attenborough • Spell Sisters (Spell Byron Bay) 

Take a moment to reflect on your list, why do these people inspire you?

What is it that makes you want to meet them? What can you learn from them? How could you meet them? Don’t disregard the last question I met two of mine at a book launch. 

I met Julia Gillard (Former Australian Prime Minister – first Female Deputy PM, PM and Leader of a major party in Australia) in Dymocks Hay Street with my mom back in 2014.

In 2016 I attended a breakfast with Jodi Picoult (American Author) at Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth. 

Now you have done the lists, I want you to go back to your dream list. Is there something you can do today that will bring you closer to achieving one of these dreams? 

I know LIFE GETS FULL! The week my other half is home from work I struggle to even keep our routine. There is always SOMETHING going on.

That’s life, being flexible will help, also setting aside specific time to work on your dreams will get you there.

It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. This could be as simple as setting an alarm and repeating affirmations (positive mindset / manifestation), booking into a class or utilising the services of a coach, I find I’m more productive when I have something on that I know I’m committed too. 

Let’s finish off with this manta…

“Less Screen time and More Dream Time”… Where will you start? 

– Missa 

Life Coaching

October 28, 2019

WTF Is Life Coaching? 

What does a coach even do? Is that even a job? It sure is and I’m here to explain the basics to you. Let’s start off with the history of Life Coaching. 

In the late 1980’s Life Coaching begun in America, it seemed to bridge the gap between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The relationship between the coach and client, coach was to listen not lead. Very different to how we practice now days, it is common for a coach to ask leading questions and provide insight. 


What Life Coaching Is:

  • A method of assisted self-exploration that helps determine the clients current situation, their intentions, aspirations and the means to meet their objectives.
  • A partnership between coach and client.
  • An exploration of the map individuals create for their life. It examines the significance given to various events in their lives as well as how this affects the quality of their lives.
  • A process to create solutions resulting in sustained change.


What Life Coaching Is Not:

  • Therapy / Counselling
  • Observing and learning from a seasoned professional (Mentoring)
  • A quick fix
  • Coach telling the client what to do


Coaching is 100% confidential and a judgement free zone creating a safe space for the client to explore freely. 


Coaching covers a variety of specialties including:

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Teen & Group Coaching 


The objective of Life Coaching is to assist clients in achieving their aspirations. Coaching enables the client to refine their learning methods, boost performance, and increase quality of life. This a client directed practice, with the client determining the focus of each session. Ideally the client will identify their current situation, and understand how to take action, however if there is a situation beyond the coaches skill set (medical, financial) referral will be provided or emergency services will be called upon. 

Coaching uses many techniques including NLP and Hypnosis. The most important characteristic of a coach? Curiosity! Yep that’s it, perpetual discovery. To be constantly and consistently asking questions, wondering why things are a certain way, challenging established assumptions and thought patterns, and moving out of comfort zones. 

If that sounds like something you are interested in, you can book in with me for a free intro session and try it out for yourself!

Women’s Circles

October 28, 2019

The sacred Women’s Circle is an empowering, inspiring and heart centered journey. Sitting in circle enables women from all walks of life to develop a strong connection to the divine, connection to each other and opens the doors to reconnect back to themselves.

These circles provide a safe space for women to talk, be heard and navigate through life’s challenges in a non-judgmental, supportive environment away from the distraction and responsibilities of their everyday life.

Women stepping out of their head and into their heart, sharing stories and wisdom in turn creating connection and aiding with inner transformation. While tuned into their deep inner knowing these women empower themselves as well each other to be raw, honest, vulnerable, allowing healing to take place, sharing each others highs, lows, celebrating life, and each other.

Women’s Circles are an ancient practice, historically women would gather during their moon time and look after each other while they heal, bleed, rest, restore and hold sacred space during rights of passage (commencing their cycle, giving birth and going though menopause). This was all celebrated for there is wisdom and growth in each cycle.