Livin’ The Dream

October 28, 2019

Wednesday 28th May 2018

Today one of our colleagues went around asking everyone if they want to chip-in $5 for the lotto. I said no, and before they had a chance to respond I did say I am aware that if you win I am the only one who will still be working here..  Then that same colleague said they were covering my share so that I am in the draw. I was literally the only person who declined (thank you).

This got me thinking … What would you do if you won?


Statistically speaking the chances of winning Perth’s number one lotto game Saturday lotto is a 1 in 8,145,060. The Oz Lotto is even higher with a 1 in 45,379,620 chance.

SAY YOU DID WIN.. Just stay with me here, like what if you were that ONE in 45,379,620?

I have asked this question to my colleagues and fam-bam. I received mixed responses…

  • Buy a food truck and an RV to pull it around so that I can travel with it.
  • Travel the world seeking out the top comics to add to the collection. Especially attending the American Comic Conventions.
  • Island Hopping, Scuba-diving, and LOTS of travel.
  • Flying to New Zealand.
  • Buy a van, Convert it and travel around Aust.
  • Travel, lots of travel.
  • Still working where I am but taking lots of holidays!
  • I’d have a sick veggie patch!
  • Buy a HUGE block of land and make a world class race track!
  • Staying in my job but doing it all over the world!
  • Change to 2:2 at work, Pay off the house, buy a big boat. On break grab the kids and go on holiday. 

These are all attainable, some with planning, definitely an open mind and heart. The thing they don’t realise is they have 86400 seconds in the day, granted 27000 of those seconds is at work. ALL of them have 30 years AT LEAST ahead of them to make this happen.

What is your next move?