Missa’s Journey – Part 1


Allow me to introduce myself… Hi I’m Missa!

I grew up on the coast north of Perth, rebellious, outspoken, on my path not willing to listen or take advise. Eventually I grew up, #WeAllHaveAJourney I am a mom to three gorgeous children, plus a cat (Lotus) and a dog (Tank) and we are among the many FIFO Families in Perth, Western Australia.

I have spent a portion of my adult life working in Senior Admin positions mostly Compliance and my favourite Facilities Management within the corporate, education and mining sectors. Currently I am on Maternity leave from my day job and really taking the time to enjoy my family, spending more time on my passions, the beach, coaching and energetic healing.

All I wanted to do growing up was “Work in an office within a high rise building”…

At the age of 17-18 navigating my drug addiction I would often go into the heart of Perth City and take photos of all the high rise buildings and their surrounds, the sculptures, enjoy a walk along the river imagining what exciting things the workers there would do to fill their day.

I would spend time looking up at Central Park and tell myself “…One day Missa, you are going to work there”

Fast forward three years kicking the addiction and sorting my shit out… I started my first day up on Level 17 of Central Park Building in a nutshell this role, I worked across two tenders with 24/7 access to 53 Tenancies and 13 Buildings within the Perth Metro area. Weekdays on the FM admin and weekends supervising contractors on relocations for our Projects Team. #TalkAboutManifestation.

In this role and the few after I wasn’t fulfilled. Chasing money still missing something. I lost my way a bit during the Central Park contract, My mum had been diagnosed with bowel cancer (all in the clear now), two people I knew died in unfortunate accidents, we lost the tender, I was rehired then our jobs with the new service provider was made redundant. I remember my desk was covered in post-it notes with inspiring quotes and sayings. During my time on this gig I attended my first motivational speaker – Pat Mesiti at the old Observation City Hotel in Scarborough.

“Back then I had no idea what a coach was…”

I would spend hours wandering through Dymocks Hay Street looking at their personal development, Surf Photography and Autobiography as well as business books. I’d be lying if I said I was ‘looking’ I invested lots of time and money in this store, I loved that it was a family owned franchise. The stand out thing for me even as a woman determined not to have children #BlogPostForAnotherDay was at a Wine and Cheese event, one evening after the new books were released and the authors had done their presentations, the boss made a joke about his daughters not being allowed to leave the store unless they were raising his grandchildren, one of them was about to go on maternity leave just as her sister had done before her. The laughter the genuine cheer, this was their life, they were surrounded by family and valued clients. Authentic and an incredible vibe.

Around four-ish years later after spending almost two years in a fast paced demanding compliance role I had my first child, still no idea or direction I was headed, I knew I wanted to get back into facilities. When my son was 4 weeks old I enrolled into a Diploma of Business and Project Management (while enrolled into Interior Design) so I could “back” my previous work experience. When my son was 18 months old I commenced the role I am still in today. Over the four and half years in this role, navigating some random lessons and crazy sh!t and I have finally come back to what makes me tick.

My son is the reason I went back to what I had interests in. He is a beautiful little soul, we didn’t exactly have the easiest birth, and I left his father when he was three months old. In this time on my own I have reconnected to myself. Reconnecting with myself begun when I really took the time to take note of what I had been through Pregnancy, Birth and acknowledging how incredible the human body is.

More to the point how incredible MY body is…

I don’t remember how it happened exactly but somehow in amongst all of the homewares I started buying crystals again and layed off the random books and swapped them out for oracle cards and metaphysical books. Even digging out the deck mom gifted me when I was 16, using them ALL the time. When my little man was eight months old I flew to Sydney for the weekend and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the intention to ‘conquer’ my fear of heights. I dropped the interior design and successfully completed both diplomas in Business and Projects.

I knew I wanted to help people, I didn’t know how. #EmpathFeels

I was on this amazing, challenging journey, single mom, pushing my own boundaries, balancing my responsibilities, learning about myself in good and bad ways.