Women’s Circles

October 28, 2019

The sacred Women’s Circle is an empowering, inspiring and heart centered journey. Sitting in circle enables women from all walks of life to develop a strong connection to the divine, connection to each other and opens the doors to reconnect back to themselves.

These circles provide a safe space for women to talk, be heard and navigate through life’s challenges in a non-judgmental, supportive environment away from the distraction and responsibilities of their everyday life.

Women stepping out of their head and into their heart, sharing stories and wisdom in turn creating connection and aiding with inner transformation. While tuned into their deep inner knowing these women empower themselves as well each other to be raw, honest, vulnerable, allowing healing to take place, sharing each others highs, lows, celebrating life, and each other.

Women’s Circles are an ancient practice, historically women would gather during their moon time and look after each other while they heal, bleed, rest, restore and hold sacred space during rights of passage (commencing their cycle, giving birth and going though menopause). This was all celebrated for there is wisdom and growth in each cycle.