A place for the main forms and resources we will need access too directly linked to doTERRA’s Australian website, as we are notified will update this blog with the information however it is always best to empower yourself and check the doTERRA AU and doterra US sites regularly.

doTERRA Policy Manual – a must read for all Wellness Advocates, Preferred Clients and those looking to join.

LRP Flier, Now you know what LRP is, click here for clear instructions on how to generate your first LRP order, here is how to process this order “on demand” instead of the monthly date, if you need to edit the LRP order before the monthly date here is the process on how to successfully edit your order too.

Now you have a doTERRA account you accrue Shipping Rewards Points, this is essentially earning back your shipping over a few orders, please see SRP flier for more information.

You have accrued points on your orders and you wish to redeem them back, please refer to this list as they are not the same as the PV on the website. Some are higher and some are lower. Please refer to the PV List.

Updated Price List, Wholesale Price List, Wholesale Product Guide & Enrolment Kits as per doTERRA’s AU website.

Someone wants to join your tree? Fantastic! Here is the Wholesale Customer Sign Up Form, Here is the Wellness Advocate Agreement Form.

A lot of doTERRA’s customer base purchase internationally so they can access oils not yet released to the Australian Market via the AU Website please see here the official FAQ page.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have turned your oily passion into an income, please see here authority for doTERRA to deposit into your account.

Here is a brief overview of the doTERRA Compensation Plan, and the Power of Three Flier,



Our Story and the official doTERRA fact sheet.

doTERRA University & doTERRA Science to learn more about the product and how the essential oils are harvested.

You would have heard of the Co-Impact-Sourcing, here is the official page and information released on doTERRA’s Co-Impact-Sourcing Program.

Using Essential Oils Safely, The official doTERRA guide.

doTERRA has created a number of E-books, please see links below for each PDF.

You may see A LOT of claims on social media as to what the oils can do. Please see here the approved claims list as per the doTERRA US website and the Social Media and Quick Claims Guide.

Colouring page to engage with your client base or including your children into your business.

doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Poster, the Oil Properties Wheel.

What is an Essential Oil, Class Outline, Class Kits.

What is the Aroma Touch Technique? I am sure you would have seen it advertised somewhere once you have delved into the Oily equivalent of Narnia! This is the official page for Aroma Touch. The Resources Page, Aromatouch Technique Oils, Aromatouch Technique Quick Reference Guide, Aromatouch Tutorial, Aromatouch Suggested Oils, Trifold Brochure, Hand Technique Tutorial, Hand Technique Suggested Oils.

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