Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience … I’m sorry what?? Slow down.. WHO IS CLAIR?

That was my first thought when I saw people around me identifying with these senses. Lets start from the beginning, What are the various psychic abilities called?

  • Clairvoyance – Clear Vision
  • Clairaudience – Clear Audio and Hearing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Sensation and Feeling
  • Clairalience – Clear Smell
  • Clairtangency – Clear Touch
  • Clairgustance – Clear Taste
  • Clairempathy – Clear Emotion
  • Channelling / Channel – Using body to deliver a message

These words include the varying types of psychic sensitivity, corresponding to the senses: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling, Taste and Touch.

WHOA! Now that was a mouthful I dare you to try say that ten times really fast! Before I get into each sense I just wanted to explain EVERYONE is born with these gifts. Some people may have a select few more developed than others and those are their natural talents. You may have heard the old wives’ tales “If your second aunt was able to read minds you are indeed a psychic” now look Aunt Betty is no doubt able to read minds but regardless of her ability YOU have everything inside of you to do all of these things too.

You may already be doing them and not even realising. For example, do you hear people say, “It just dropped in” and others say “I was guided” that is the Clairaudience at work. Although you can be guided by use of other senses this one of the more developed senses I see my peer group use, including in my own experience.

Below we will have a closer look at each of these senses.



One of the well-known senses, you can see within the minds eye. This is images, symbols, which are perceived without your physical eyes or in dreams. Remember that TV show Medium with Alison? In the series she always stops mid-conversation receiving a vision that cracks the case? That is Clairvoyance, personally I experience it in Meditation and Dreams. There are many practicing clairvoyants who receive images that are related to past, present and future.



The ability to hear sounds, words and noise via your inner ear. Not using your physical ears, the vibrations and tones are heard in meditation however one of my girlfriends will chat with spirit and her guides internally while in conversation with you. Information received can be past present and future, practicing mediums work with Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.



The ability to receive information via a feeling in the body.



The ability to smell a fragrance or odour that is not in the immediate surrounds. Not perceived with the Physical Nose, my girlfriends smell sage and an ex boyfriend’s cologne however your experience could be anything.



Commonly known as psychometry, where you can hold an item in your hands and obtain information about the item or previous owner without knowledge beforehand. When you book into a psychic reading and they ask you to bring something that belongs to the person your enquiry is about, this is the act of Clairtangency.



The ability to taste something without putting it anything into their mouth.



An empath is a highly sensitive person and they can physically tune into the emotions of people, places and animals. When you walk into a room and can feel the tension of an argument before anyone speaks. This is your empath senses at work. Empaths feel the aura.



The act of allowing your body and mind to be used as a vessel for psychic information or healing energy to be delivered to others. Reiki practitioners channel life force energy during their sessions.



The act of allowing thoughts to be spoken aloud using their body to deliver the energy and information.


When exploring these senses pay attention and trust yourself. Your first instinct is your intuition, always act from your heart centre and raise your vibration so you can really bring these gifts into light. Keep a journal as you begin your journey as your move through out this process, so you can see what works and what doesn’t with the amazing experiences you will have.

As you tap into these senses I would also suggest protecting your energy by smudging the space with white sage and rosemary, declare you only work with high vibrational energies and do not give permission for any entities to enter your fields. Use crystals such as tourmaline, onyx, amethyst and tiger eye for protection as you work.

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    Absolutely love this weeks Blog Post Missa, I didn’t know there are different types of clairvoyants. ?

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