Getting to know your Chakras

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Getting to know your Chakras

After our Raising Your Vibe Naturally workshop a few ladies asked if we could share the Chakra information.

This has come from reading many resources, paid courses and exploring the energy centres and what works for me personally. Enjoy!   

Chakra Affirmations



Basic Seven

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. Chakra’s are your energy centres, there are many through out the body however the ‘Main seven” are what we work with on an energetic level to balance emotions and lift our vibration.









Base (Root)


Red Jasper

Pubic Line, Base of Spine

Legal, Insurance, Accepting payment, Long term planning and strategy.  


Feeling Secure in your home and finances ect.

Eating root vegetables,

Energetic healing,

Time in Nature,

Wearing Red,


On Guard – The Oil of Protection

Balance – The Oil of Grounding

Myrrh – The Oil of Mother Earth




3” below belly button

Networking, Connection to client base, Creative Influence, Confidence expressing your why.


Reproductive and creativity centre.

CREATE – write, paint, play music, dance

Eat Orange colour fruit and veg,

Wear orange,

Spend time in nature,


Energetic Healing

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance

Passion – The oil for Finding Your Passion

Tangerine – The Oil of Cheer & Creativity




3” above belly button

Ability to make solid business decisions, managing your workload, Scheduling appointments, Successful completion of action items, Plan and Strategy failing.


Confidence in self, your personal power, decision making

Eating yellow fruit and veg,

Reduce screen time,

Write and recite positive uplifting affirmations,

Digest-zen – The Digestive Blend

Bergamot -The Oil of Self Acceptance

Ginger – The Oil of Empowerment

Grapefruit – The Oil of Honouring the Body



Rose Qtz, Green Aventrine

Ribs between breasts

Branding and Marketing in the sense of your business vision, the business alignment with your own core values, ethics, morals and mission.


Love & Compassion for yourself and others also.

Spend time in nature,

Spend time with your pets (unconditional love), Carry rose quartz, Eat leafy greens, Book in with an energy healer, Do some inner work (my favourite Louise L Hay Mirror Work).

Peppermint – The Oil of a Buoyant Heart

Tea-tree (Melaleuca) – The Oil of Energetic Boundaries

Rose – The Oil of Divine Love

Geranium – The Oil of Trust and Love

Marjoram – The Oil of Connection

Lime – The Oil Zest of Life

Eucalyptus – The Oil of Wellness

Ylang Ylang – The Oil of Inner Child

Forgive – The Oil Forgiveness




Throat area

Customer Service, Authentic use of your voice, Building relationships with key people in your business (suppliers, customers, staff, stakeholders), Communication with the above people too.


Centre of expression, linked to solar plexus for “speaking your truth”

Spending time in nature, Deep breathing exercises, Listen if you’re a talker and vice versa if you’re a listener, talk more. Book in with an energy healer.

Lavender – The Oil of Communication

Oregano – The Oil of Humility

Third Eye


Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli

Between Brows

Using your intuition and gut instinct to make important decisions, following signs from the universe.


Mind’s eye and psychic centre. This is the centre of visualisation, Intuition and clear thoughts.

Time in nature, Book in with an energy healer, eating purple fruit and veg, reducing screen time, Consistent daily meditation.

Clary Sage – The Oil of Clarity & Vision

Patchouli – The Oil of Physicality

Lemon – The Oil of Focus



Clear Qtz

Top of head

Spiritual connection to business, Being clear on the divine purpose of your business, Co-creation of your vision with the universe. (serving the bigger picture)


Where it all comes together, your connection with the divine/ source energy.

Write out your goals,

Time in nature, Less Screen time, Eating all the colours of the chakras in your diet, Meditation, Prayer, Session with an energy worker.

Melissa – The Oil of Light

Roman Chamomile – The Oil of Spiritual Purpose

Frankincense – The Oil of Truth

Sandalwood – The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Rosemary – The Oil of Knowledge and Transition

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