Not All Crystals That Shimmer...

Not All Crystals That Shimmer...

Not all crystals that shimmer are natural, you’re probably thinking what is Missa on about? Well of course crystals are in some of their natural form however some of our favourites man has altered them to make gorgeous items we see in the mainstream market today.

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. “Not all crystals that shimmer are natural” briefly touches on man-made or altered crystals. This is a super interesting subject, as some crystals man mimics nature to meet market demand (Citrine) and sometimes they get all crafty to add edge to their work and well others are just deceptive for the cash grab.

Let’s start with Citrine, there are two types of Citrine heat treated from volcanic rocks in Brazil (rare) this is more of a smokey orange in colour, then you have heat treated Amethyst (mostly) and sometimes Smokey Quartz which is super vibrant orange. This by no means takes away from the properties of the crystal as heat is heat, it’s literally the same process as Mother Nature.


One of the more popular alterations to crystals is Quartz with all of the colours of the rainbow, referred to generally as Aura this is a process of a vacuum chamber and adding different vapour to create different colours. You may notice the gorgeous iridescent Rainbow Aura crystals on instagram, or the clear as the ocean blue Aqua Aura. The best part of this process? It doesn’t impact the structural integrity of the Quartz crystal either.


Below is a list of what Vapor is used to create these vibrant crystals.

  • Gold vapour > Aqua Aura (Bright Blue)
  • Titanium > Flame Aura (Red)
  • Copper > Copper Aura (Metallic Copper)
  • Niobium > Rainbow Aura (Range of colours with a dark sheen)
  • Magnesium & Platinum > Amethyst Aura (Purple)
  • Platinum & Silver > Angel Aura (Blue-Silver)
  • Nickle > Apple Aura (Green like the juiciest Granny Smith Apple you have ever seen)
  • Gold, Iron & Platinum > Champagne Aura (Quartz metallic brown/gold)
  • Cobalt > Cobalt Aura (Dark Blue)
  • Gold & Silver or Platinum > Kiwi Aura (Teal Green)
  • Copper, Gold & Iron > Melon Aura (Orange)
  • Platinum > Opal Aura (Clear / Opal Sheen)
  • Gold, Silver & Platinum > Ruby Aura (Fuchsia)
  • Iron, Platinum and Gold > Sunshine Aura (Bright Yellow)

You may have seen my beautiful Malachite was shattered into a million pieces last weekend? This too is an alteration by chemical reaction. Copper sulphate makes colourless carbonates turn blue and green, resulting in “pseudo-morphs” of Malachite after Argonite & Malachite after Calcite.

Who here LOVES their Fluorite? Let’s see a show of hands!I am in awe of my gorgeous point. She is the gift that keeps giving deep blue and green hues with purple on her point and a flash of yellow across the bottom. Fluorite due to it being a soft mineral is often altered mechanically and carved into spheres and points. Some of the distributors are dishonest and try to pass them off as “natural form” however this happens across the board with many of our beloved crystals, sometimes crystals are cut and re-glued to make statement art and others to receive the healing energy of the shapes they are made into.

Dying of crystals is also a common occurrence in this industry, one I have personally been stung on is a “Turquoise” key chain that was actually dyed Howlite.

Howlite and Agate will often get dyed for aesthetics. Agate is one that is frequently dyed for home-wares, tea light holders, coasters, wind chimes and book ends. Just like the Aura’s the dye doesn’t take away from the structural integrity of the crystals.

There you have it, a little more insight into our beloved collections. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the alterations, are you against it? Are these crystals something you like to keep in your home? When working with crystals for healing properties do you use altered crystals? Drop a comment below.

Missa 🌿


  • Em

    OMG OMG OMGGGG, all your blog posts come RIGHT. FROM. THE. HEART. GAL!! 😍 And by god damn it speaks volumes 😍 LOVE this post! In my opinion, it’s like processed food, and hidden ‘nasties’ in food. There is almost no way to completely escape treated crystals, it’s almost inevitable. So I think it’s more the intention you hold towards that crystal when you buy it/use it ❤️ Thoughts??? Xxxxx

  • Withlove_Nell

    So exciting reading this blog, id been looking forward in reading it ever since told us girls! <3
    Absolutely love this weeks blog post, filled with so much knowledge! i definatley needed to know the differences! Thanks girl. Love you Girl xxx

  • Ash

    I love your blogs Missa. Always so insightful and full of energy. I love that you also personalise these to your own experiences and not just “matter of fact”. X

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