You are getting sleepy ⏰

You are getting sleepy ⏰


“You are getting sleepy, you are getting sleepy and when you wake up you are going to bark like a dog every time you hear the word peaches” 


A fair chunk of the people I’ve told about my Hypnosis training via The Life Coaching College’s Master Practitioner Life Coach Certificate have metaphorically had kittens. Behaving as if I am going to use some kind of superpower to exploit them in a vulnerable position. 

First of all I Missa Williams will only use my training for the growth of my peers, family and client base. 

I didn’t even know Hypnosis was considered a coaching tool, I assumed it was another modality in the medical profession because of the AMAZING results people have had with weight loss and quitting smoking.


Hypnosis, what is it? How does it work? 

Hypnosis, used in therapy to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour. Examples of modifying behaviour would be weight loss, releasing habits. Hypnosis is also known for phobia busting. 

It works by altering the state of consciousness in a way that the analytical Left Hand Side of the brain is “turned off” allowing the Right Hand Side to be more alert. Once the RHS is more receptive the subconscious mind will respond to the specialist techniques performed by the hypnotists.


There are a fair few common misconceptions surrounding hypnosis... so let’s dispel a couple of the big myths! 


  • Your morals and ethics remain in tact, you cannot be exploited and just like you would at any other time during your session you can accept or reject suggestions. 
  • You don’t actually fall asleep! You will however be very relaxed during your session. 
  • Ok.. this one is accurate, not everyone can be Hypnotised. I know right? How Unlucky for them! 


The reason practitioners use Hypnosis is so they can align your subconscious and conscious thinking which in-turn eliminates internal and mental conflicts which lie at the core of undesired behaviours. 


Hypnosis will be available from April 2019. 

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