FAQ: Reiki - Distance Healing

Frequently Asked Questions


What is distant Reiki?

Distance reiki techniques allow the practitioner to carry out a Reiki treatment on someone from a distance. This has the same effectiveness as if both the practitioner and the recipient were in the same room together. Healing can be sent to anyone, to situations, events and even locations.


One of the basic teachings of energy healing, including Reiki, is that we are more than our physical bodies.


How does distant Reiki work?

Distance Reiki works according to the Law of Similarity.  This means that we are all connected as we are all ultimately energy and part of the same whole. During a distant Reiki session the practitioner links to the energy field of the recipient when sharing Reiki.


Is distant Reiki stronger than hands-on?

Both forms have the same outcomes and are equally valid. Distant Reiki is a great way to offer healing to situations, people or animals when you can’t meet up face to face.


How do I best receive distant Reiki?

There is no need for you to do anything other than setting the intention you are open to receive the healing, you can receive the benefits of distant Reiki whilst going about your day. Reiki sessions will vary depending on your energetic and physical needs at the time of the session.


Is it safe to mix Reiki with medical treatment?

Yes. Reiki does not interfere with any treatment or interact with any medication. If you have a medical condition, Reiki is safe and non-intrusive. As it reduces stress and facilitates relaxation, it will help you feel better and supports your medical treatment.