♥                                              Missa is a very inspiring, loving and caring person with such a beautiful soul ♥ Who opens her heart to anyone that may need her. Who holds such beautiful and inspiring women's circles that leave you feeling relaxed, calm and inspired. Would highly recommend anyone attending one of Missa's Circles as you wont be disappointed ♥ Plus they're set on the beach and nothing better than listening to the waves roll In and out while you're meditating! - Nell (Scarborough Women’s Circles)


♥                                              Right from the beginning, Missa created and opened up such a beautiful, healing and safe space for us women to share and connect. She is a very inspiring, lovely and warm person, and with her gentle hand she encourages and inspires women to listen and share within the safe and supportive environment she creates. Would definitely recommend attending one of Missa's circles to experience being in the presence of this beautiful soul for yourself!     - Emily (Scarborough Women’s Circles) 


Hosted by a divine young woman who aspires to inspire, this is a magical space to allow your soul to open up and receive healing or guidance that may be required, even if you're not aware of this at first.-- Ashley (Scarborough Women’s Circles)