New Moon Women’s Circle

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Connection | Being Heard | Held by our sister’s 

This New Moon Women’s Circle we will be sharing, communicating, taking an overview of our lives at this present moment and writing out our intentions and goals to better improve our current situation, in this circle you will receive the Attraction Magnet Empowerment attunement to amplify your intentions. The energy will be received via meditation and visualisation. Followed by pulling cards and listening to the divine guidance that comes through. 

Circle will be held at Capricorn Beach, Yanchep on Sunday 5th May 11:30am. 

Energy Exchange $20.

Bring yourself clothes appropriate for the weather, a pen and notebook. 


The Attraction Magnet Empowerment

This energetic attunement aims to help dissolve those blockages that prevent you from utilising that flow of receiving. It aims to open you up to believing in the possibilities that are available to you, whether it is financial or romantic etc, assisting you in changing your energy to welcome in (and attract) those things/experiences that you want to manifest.



There are no pre-requisites to participate in this attunement.

This attunement process is done via visualisation & meditation at the event. 

You will receive the manual via email.

You will receive the attunement via a chi ball, before we commence the meditation I will explain how to receive the energies.

You will receive a certificate upon completion, and will be able to attune others to this energy.